About Art In Nature

Art In Nature

Interdisciplinary Site-Specific Land Art Biennale

North of the polar circle, 67° 31’ 27” N and 14º 45’ 42” E.

in Yttermark, Kjerringøy, Bodø, Norway

Every second summer artists are invited to Nevelsfjord, Kjerringøy outside Bodø, to work with their respective expressions  in nature, and to discuss the concept of land art. This invitation is multi-disciplinary, including sculptors, painters, dancers, musicians, writers, photographers and others. Cultural professionals and the public are invited for discussions and viewings of work throughout the week and at a final opening.

Geography: Kjerringøy is a place of exceptional natural beauty. The landscape in Nevelsfjorden is wild and stunning. Steep mountains, varied forests and marshlands, lowland and highland lakes, a delta where the valley meets the fjord; all host to a rich variety of animal and plant life.

Population: The population of Kjerringøy is 400 people. Nevelsfjorden itself supports a population of twenty persons, a number which easily doubles on weekends and holidays, and quintuples when vacationers arrive in the summer.


We bring artists together from different disciplines in a creative community focusing on nature. We take time to get to know each other by seeing and hearing about each other’s works. Sometimes people find partners, and we spend time finding and dentifying a site for a specific project. The aim is to produce a piece of work and/or create a performance for the big public opening,  on the last Saturday of an extended week. The process will be documented with stills, sound, and video recordings.

 The UL Breitind community house will be accessible for the workshop’s internal and public meetings, presentations and viewings, including a daytime and dinner café (to help provide income).

Art In Nature manifest:

  • The work or activity must not leave permanent traces in nature.
  • Non-biodegradable or otherwise harmful materials and processes must not be used.
  •  Major interventions must be reviewed individually and be approved by the landowner.

Aim: To create a meeting place for artists and the public, in nature, throughout the creative process until the finished product. Discussions will be held during the week in the community house. There we can debate the concept of land art, its role in contemporary art, and help open some doors for the ordinary visitor into the understanding of art in general.

This is usually a very intense and demanding time for the artists involved. We suggest active meetings between artists, cultural workers and the audience, in hope of greater mutual understanding. We invite art and cultural workers, as well as others who may be interested, to an opening evening with discussions, conversations and local food.

How to participate? E-mail your CV, (w/memberships in art-organisations), and a motivation with two or three pictures of your work by for evaluation, and eventually to be posted on our webpage. This should preferably not exceed one megabyte. Only 10 artists will be accepted. Be quick!

With kind regards

Ane Øverås (organiser and sculptur)

Contact adress:

Ryet,   8093 Kjerringøy,

mob:+47 901 201 84,

ph: +47 755 14 944

e-mail:  ane.overaas@gmail.com

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