15-17 july

Sunday 17 july 2011 – The weather continues to be great as the artists set out to find a suitable site for their work.

A brief sample: Ida has set up camp on in the eastern bend of Ryvatnet lake, although the sea gulls there are not particularly happy about that. The birds didn’t stop Vigdis from taking a swim after working hard under the hot sun. Evelyn and Camilla S. (we have two Camilla’s) are cooperating on a project along the road. Elin is working on an acoustic project on the banks of the Nevelsfjord. Michelle is just excited to be able to be in Norway and especially to be able to work in a medium totally new to her.

Saturday 16 july 2011 – On a bright sunny day, we struggled out of bed, and went on a grand tour of the natural beauty around the Nevelsfjord and Ryvatnet lake, giving the newcomers an idea of the nature in which they will be working, and the “veterans” a reminder of what a wonderful place it is to create.

We ended the day with a great haddock dinner prepared by Stein-Ivar, Ane’s ever-patient husband and top chef.

Friday 15 july 2011 – Art in Nature 2011 has begun with great weather, and if the weather man keeps its promise, it will stay that way all week!

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