10 august 2013

Tokio’s chair in the morning. He was working through the night! … poor chair …

tokio chair 130810-1 kl

The weather is fantastic, the kids are playing,

with the kids at play kl

and the art fans are streaming to and around U.L. Breitlind to see the latest and greatest in art in nature:

IMG_3414 kl IMG_3515kl

Tokio’s chair before the storm:

chair before the storm kl

A baby bird’s view of the proceedings from his nest thanks to Kristin Skogøy, and Lise’s view from the hills:

egg eye view kl lise preaching kl

Tokio’s chair hanging in the balance:

chair in balance kl

Agnes tells the story about Fredrik, the artist mouse. Art is an important part of our lives!

agnes-1 agnes-2

A satisfied customer!

happy camper

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