5 august 2013

Tokio’s chair in the morning:

tokio chair 130805-1kl

Let’s see now, take stick A3 with hole 3Q and lay it next to stick B7, then tie a loop through hole B7-16 making sure to orient it so that it lies parallel to hole C14 in stick C12 without affecting the positioning of sticks A7, G2, M15, and K9.

idawerk kl

Speaking of K9s …

“… who, me?”                              “Oh, buzz off, I’m THE Princess Leia!”

ane dog kl leia kl

Lise and Linn working with nature, hard and soft, soft and hard:

liserocks kl linnmoss kl

Good color contrast is important in art in nature …

note the colour contrast kl

Tokio’s chair in the evening:

tokio chair 130805-2kl

(Who was that masked man?)

who was that masked man kl

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