9 august 2013

Tokio’s chair in the morning:

tokio chair 130809-1 kl

Kunst i natur came under friendly fire but we’re ok, except for our eardrums.

KiN under friendly fire kl

Ida comforting her creatures.

ida pond kl

Who died?                    … the empty feeling …

who died kl astrid empty kl

Raising the dead …                     … oh I’m so happy you’re alive!

raising the dead kl youre alive kl

Nice fingernails!                      A look behind the seams.

nice fingernails kl look inside a dress kl

Atlas shifting his load:

moving the earth kl

Sorry, we’re closing for the day.

sorry we re closed klTokio’s chair in the evening:

tokio chair 130809-2 kl

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